Software Engineer

Required Experience/Skills

  • More than 2 years of development experience using C/C++, Java, Ruby, Go, etc.
  • Programming ability to build web applications or middlewares using Unix system

Preferred Experience/Skills

  • Experience with microservice applications using container technology such as Docker
  • Experience in development of Kubernetes or development of applications that operate on Kubernetes(Manipulating Kubernetes API, Operator, etc.)
  • Team development experience using GitHub and CI/CD
  • Experience in developing or operating large-scale traffic and system
  • Knowledge of HTTP, TLS
  • Extensive knowledge of authN/authZ technology
  • Experience contributing OSS

We welcome the following persons:

  • Those who are interested in cutting-edge technologies and are gathering related information
  • Those who are interested in tasks involving people with various specialized skills
  • Those who are interested in team building and can achieve results in a team
  • Those who are enthusiastic about work and are good at communication

Our Business

Z Lab Corporation develops/maintains IT infrastrucrure and investigates cutting-edge technologies for Yahoo Japan Corporation. More specifically the following:

Continuous development/support for Yahoo Japan Corporation

Z Lab Corporation conducts continuous development and maintenance of Kubernetes as a Service currently provided to Yahoo Japan Corporation. Kubernetes as a Service is currently operated in Yahoo Japan Corporation, but the improvements are made by Z Lab Corporation. Z Lab Corporation is dedicated to development and improvement.

Development of systems used in Yahoo Japan Corporation

Yahoo Japan Corporation has various divisions such as app infrastructure, data center, data analysis, etc. Z Lab Corporation undertakes system developments that contribute to these divisions.

Investigation of cutting-edge technologies

Z Lab Corporation catches up with and makes contributions on new technologies, OSS, etc., distributes information externally, and enhances employees’ skills so that system developments can always be made using cutting-edge technologies.

Working environment

  • Source code is shared using GitHub. We closely communicate with other engineers using Slack and Qiita.
  • Flextime without core time. There are some who leave work early to participate in study sessions and events outside of the company.
  • There are various programs that support flexible workstyles in place, such as dokodemo office (Flexplace work system in which employees can work out of office).

Our approach to engineers’ growth

Z Lab Corporation believes that engineers’ growth (career advancement, skill improvement) is best achieved through engineers’ involvement with engineers outside of the company, self-improvement, internal cooperation, and passing on of the acquired knowledge within the company. Based on this idea, Z Lab Corporation supports self-motivated actions of the employees. More specifically, the employees of Z Lab Corporation are involved in the following activities in and out of the company.

  • Organizer of Kubernetes Meetup with Google employees
  • Writing and reviewing of books, articles on IT magazines, etc.
  • Establishing specifications and participating as members in IETF and other industrial organizations
  • Participating and making presentations in technical conferences and in seminars and out of Japan
  • Acting as OSS product owners and making contributions

Initiatives to support engineer’s growth

Supports given for engineers to have active exposure to external information/technology

※ Subject to internal approval

The following expenses are borne by the company:

  • Catching up with technical information both in and out of Japan, purchase of books , e-learning
  • Expense for participating in technical conferences / seminars in and out of Japan (transportation, visa, etc.)
  • Acquisition fee of qualifications ※
  • Verification expenses for public cloud and XaaS ※

Active communication with the world

  • Contribution to OSS. Contribution during working hours allowed ※
  • Participation in OSS community. Participation during working hours allowed ※
  • Writing technology-related articles, posting to Qiita, etc. Announcing matters investigated during work to the outside world ※
  • Participation and presentations in Meetup, conferences. Participation during working hours allowed

Examples of activities outside of the company

Please note the following when applying

Secondment to Z Lab Corporation is the precondition to this application.
Personnel systems and welfare programs are based on those of Yahoo Japan Corporation, but some programs are Z Lab’s own programs.

  • Salary: Annual salary system revised every year
  • Location: 6F KIOICHO PREX, 4-5-21 Kojimachi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
  • Flextime with no core time
  • Dokodemo office (Flexplace work system in which employees can work out of office)